Planning an event for 10-1,000 or more people can be a chore at best. At Yitz’s we believe that you should have a great time while hosting your own corporate gathering. What could be better than you and your guests enjoying delicious food, prepared fresh and served by a courteous and knowledgeable staff.

At Yitz’s we take the right approach. We believe that an event to promote business shouldn’t put you out of business. Yitz’s parties can fit your budget without compromising our quality or service.

Our Catering Consultant can guide you through the foods in the photograph and those listed, to help create the perfect menu for your event.

At Yitz’s catering is an Art!

With just one phone call, our Catering Department can help you arrange food for any of your party needs. We will help you prepare just the right menu for your event…and that’s not all…we will bring everything to you, from serving dishes to staff…and all at a price that proves great food costs no more than good food. We like to think that your job is to bring the people. We will provide the party.

You have not been dreaming. The food you have seen is real. It’s available only at Yitz’s.